Mechanical Design

Satiator_wheel_back_iso.jpg3DM Design has a highly competent team, with expertise in mechanical design, mechanical engineering, and Plastic Part design.  We also have a deep understanding of functions across Electronic and Mechanical Design, Mechanical Supply Chain and Manufacturing. 

The benefits of using 3DM Design services are a proven 40 to 60% reduction in product design cost, an acceleration of project delivery and reduced time-to-market.

Fast. Reliable. Efficient.

Three keywords that speak for what 3DM Design's engineering services stand for - Speed of action, Reliability of work, and Efficiency of operations. Any customer of 3DM Design would vouch for these. 

The 3DM Design team has provided innovative scalable solutions to customers, which are engineered for the future. We believe in always looking ahead. 

Open up a world of unlimited possibilities for your business. Ask us how we can revitalize your business and accelerate product development, utilizing Lean design, mechanical design and mechanical engineering.