Wakeye Reaches 40 Countries

Wakeye is a product that 3DM Design design, developed, manufactures, builds and sells to help competitive water skiers record their training on video and anlyze their performances quickly and easy.

This month we sent a Wakeye to Pueto Rico which is now the 40th Country we have sold Wakeyes into.


Best Design Awards 2014 - Finalist

We are proud to announce that our work with Wishbone Design Studios as been selected as a finalist in the 2014 Best Design Awards

The Wishbone Bike - Recycled Edition  has been is a finalist in the"Sustainable Product Design", and "Consumer Product" categories.




New Product - Cabrinha 1x System

3DM Client Cabrinha Kites have announced their new kite control and safety system, designed with the assistance of 3DM design.

Check out the slick marketing video

"The 2015 Overdrive 1X QuickLoop™ control system is a fully adjustable control bar featuring our all new QuickLoop™ opening harness loop. QuickLoop™ is an opening harness loop connection designed to work specifically with our 1X single line flagging security system. QuickLoop’s™ defining feature is its ridiculously simple operation of our 1X security system. Upon activation of 1X’s single line flagging system the power of a kite is immediately killed and it will rest motionless on the water or land. The incredibly easy reconnection of the QuickLoop™ harness loop is now the new benchmark in the industry for simplicity. The all new Overdrive 1X security system now has a cleaner method to manage the 1X security line. We have removed the external 8meters of security line to create a simplified lower V connection. The 1X line stopper is integrated into the centerline adjustment strap."

- Cabrinha



57 City Road Opus Tower

Working along side Jacking Systems of Auckland, 3DM Design is currently developing the Jump Form for 57 City Road  Australia.

The design of this new 37 level building of 246 Apartments and 144 carspaces was inspired by its context and its intended users.

Along with many ESD initiatives, the planning of this new tower also takes advantage of its long vista back to the Yarra River and Flinders Street Station.




New Product - Aeronavics Falcon

The Falcon is designed for specific applications such as surveillance, security, asset inspection, fire and services.

The craft offers long flight endurance – 1 hour plus (60+ minutes) – and can be configured for custom applications and conditions, such as more turbulent and windy conditions in coastal areas.

Carrying a 360-degree pan and tilt head fitted with a Flir thermal imaging camera, laser sighting and targeting and onboard video with wireless downlink.

Coupled with one of Aeronavics new “Mission Control” base station units, this setup offers an unparalleled industrial aerial robotic solution from one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturers in the industry.



New Product - Droidworx Ti-QR


Droidworx have announced the new Ti-QR system for their Skyjib and XM airframes, designed with the assistance of 3DM Design.  Ti-QR is a system which allows the user to quickly reduce the size of the robot, so that it can be more conveniently stored or transported.  

“Two years we have invested in developing a strong and safe solution for easy pack down and quick foldaway craft for transport and travel. Our commitment to safety kept us clear from the method of disconnecting and connecting electronics coupling, noting that a failure eventually will occur using this technique. Also even the slightest compromise of structural integrity and overall performance was out of the question, making our quest rather challenging.

We are therefore delighted to now introduce to you our safe and secure and highly durable Quick Release Foldaway Boom Solution in the new Ti-QR – Titanium Quick Release Series”

- DroidworxNZ Ltd


SkyJib 8 Craft ImageTi Qrxmx4_folded.PNG

NZ Innovators Awards 2013 FINALIST

New Zealand Innovators Awards

We are proud to announce that our work with Droidworx has been recognised by the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2013.

The Recon Arial Robot has been named as a finalist for the awards "Innovation in Design Engineering", and "Innovation Excellence in Research".


Tallons New Mini Socket Official Product Release 23rd July 2013

Announcing An Industry Game Changer...

At Tallon Systems we're renowned for our award-winning, innovative socket mount and accessory system.  So we're proud to announce the arrival of a real industry game-changer - the New Tallon Mini Socket Range -  A range of powerful products set to change the way you think about accessorizing your marine craft, vehicle or aircraft!


Our Mini Socket Mounts utilise the exact same patented cantilever locking technology as our classic sockets but lots, lots smaller... so small in fact, that they've been cleverly designed to slot into vehicle switch blanks with no fuss, specialist tools or certification required.  Circular versions are ideal for vehicles, aircraft and marine-craft too.

Our USB Sockets carry your data or supply 5V 2.1A power - your choice.  So coupled with our Mini Socket Mounts, you'll have a truly end-to-end accessory system which is stylish, secure, easy to install and capable of handling virtually any accessory task you can throw at it.

Like we said, our Mini Sockets are a real game changer.

3DM Design client Droidworx wins Fieldays Award

Congratulations to Droidworx for taking out the most viable business award at Fieldays 2013


The award sparked media interest for the Raglan based company, culminating in their appearance on primetime TV show Seven Sharp.


It is a pleasure to work with the team at Droidworx, and to be involved with the innovative development of these exciting products

Link to recent articles below:





3DM Design collaborates with Droidworx's Latest Releases 8th Oct 2012


After months of design and redesigning the XM for Droidworx (formerly the ECM – experimental collapsible multirotor) this craft is finally available. Some of the features include advanced vibration dampening and quick release camera mounting – easy transport swinging booms – quick release landing gear – twin skid set – optional retractable landing gear and more…; The Multirotor market is advancing rapidly and Droidworx is at the forefront.


3DM's Client Tallon wins Award in the US 9-12-2011

Duncan_and_award.jpgLAS VEGAS –  General Motors has announced 14 winners of its  Design Awards 
at the 2011 SEMA Show, with the Best Chevrolet Small Car award going to the 2012 Sonic designed by Chris Mangum of DSO Eyewear.

The annual program recognizes SEMA show exhibitors who showcase the most outstanding combinations of innovation, creativity, personalization and performance in their vehicle and product designs. GM designers tour the specialty vehicle and equipment industry displays to identify the best project vehicles, public cars and components. 

Several awards this year carry Chevrolet-specific designations in honor of Chevy’s  centennial celebration, including Best Chevrolet Sports Car, Compact Car and New Truck, as well as Best New Chevrolet Accessory and Most Innovative Chevrolet Product. Award plaques were also given for Best GM Vehicle of Show, Best GM Restored Vehicle and Best GM Resto-Mod.

“The GM designers working in our Specialty Vehicle, Underhood and Accessory studios all vie for the opportunity to come to the SEMA Show,” said GM Design Director Phil Zak. “Not only is it the best place to gauge industry reaction to the concept vehicles and accessory products we’ve been working on all year and to see what others are doing, it’s also our opportunity to recognize and celebrate the individuals and companies whose efforts really stand out.”

Most Innovative

Chevrolet Product

Duncan Good, Aaron Hersey/Tallon Systems & RAM Mounting Systems

2012 Sonic Mounting System for 12-volt USB Devices



"Design engineer a business success" - Dominion Post Article 20-06-2011

me_2011.jpg"A former design engineer at Miramar firm Interlock Industries, Mr Gibbons struck out on his own after Swedish lock-maker and parent company Assa Abloy relocated Interlock's design team to Brisbane and outsourced its manufacturing in 2005.

Six years on, his business 3DM Design is itself thriving through outsourcing, taking on design jobs for firms that lack the in-house capability.

The company specialises in mechanical design, creating everything from drink bottles to window locks to steel structures for lift shafts.

A major client is Wanaka's Tallon Marine, for which it has developed a marine accessory system used by boaties to hold items including fishing rod and dive bottle holders, lights, and wine glasses.

Tallon sells them around the world, and is looking to develop a similar system with 3DM Design that could be used in vehicles.

3DM was recently commissioned by Auckland firm Jacking Systems to design steel formwork for lift shafts in two Melbourne highrise buildings, Mr Gibbons says.

The company works with Miramar injection moulding firm Synergy Plastics, also formed by a former Interlock employee, and Synergy draws on 3DM for design work for its own clients.

"We source suppliers locally and we're keeping manufacturing in Wellington just by us being the designers. There are lots of small companies throughout Wellington that are benefiting from us designing these products."

Interlock is gone but the relationships are still there, Mr Gibbons says.

"A lot of the clients I deal with come through some Interlock relationship; either I know them or someone has referred them to me."

3DM Design still does work for Assa Abloy. "When they were shutting down I told them what I wanted to do and they were very supportive. We've been profitable since we started.

"For me being made redundant was probably the best thing that could have ever happened. I'm now running my own business and I'm learning all the time with new industries and new manufacturing processes. I never imagined I could design some of these things."

3DM has two fulltime staff and four contractors, and plans to "keep growing with our customers", he says.

It has started designing its own products for the consumer market and marine industry but is keeping them under wraps for now."