TECTRAX_Lug_Stud_Cross_Section.JPGFront_Wheel.jpgClient: Tectrax


We were approached by Tectrax to assist with the mechanical aspects of their proposed drive system for amphibious boats. In particular the retractable legs that raised and lowered the wheels. The brief given was specific and clear that the preferred design of the front arm would be in a vertical motion. They also had an initial concept of how that would work. 3DM Design’s Initial investigation of this concept revealed the action of the link arms could not create enough vertical movement to raise and lower a boat the required distance.

 3DM Design then proposed a different concept of a double scissor arm linkage that could raise and lower a boat the required distance and still retract into a small envelop when not in use. This required double hydraulic rams that worked to drive a top and lower hinged leg system but ensured the movement of the wheel was in still in a vertical motion.The rear wheel legs were to be a single leg driven by a single hydraulic cylinder.


  • CAD Drawings of existing Hub motor and gearbox
  • Verification of gear ratios and power outputs
  • Detailed design of housing/casing for motor and gearbox
  • Design of retractable front legs and deployment system
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Design of rear legs for retraction and deployment
  • Integration of hydraulics, electrics and control systems.



Tectrax now have a fully operating amphibious system that can be attached to OEM vessels.

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Client: North Kiteboarding

Challenge: Norths Kiteboarding wanted to start from scratch to develop their all new control system. 


  • Quick reset
  • Low release loads
  • Conveniently reloaded with one hand
  • Meets demanding safety requirements
  • Low friction co-efficient materials enabling safe, fast releases


  • Integrated tooless Interloop
  • Fast reloads with one hand
  • A leader in kitebaording design
  • Two adjustable bar length options using a cassette system
  • Symmetrical landing line channel
  • Soft touch overmolded trim handle
  • Cleated trim system
  • Ergonomically designed release handle

Airframes_2016.JPGClient: Aeronavics Ltd


 Assist Aeronavics with the development of an all new range of UAVs and control stations.  Directed by Aeronavics' in house design team, we were to provided assistance with the conceptual design, as well as the majority of the detailed mechanical design, CAD modelling, FEA analysis and preperation for prototype and production.

  • Review fundamental airframe architecture
  • Upgrade strength and rigidity to accommodate powerful new engines and props
  • Improve rigidity and usability of the folding boom system
  • Create new look, and design cohesion within model range
  • Accommodate cutting edge electronic sensor, processing, navigation and data link systems
  • Improve durability and function of retractable landing gear
  • Improve mechanical payload connection
  • Improve packdown design using 3d packaging to minimise transport case volume
  • Design housing and chassis for control centre
  • Design interfaces with numerous off the shelf and bespoke componentry
  • Respond to constantly changing brief, dictated by market demands and field testing


  • Aircraft currently being tested prior to public release.

John_Hortons_buddy.jpgClient: 3DM Design Ltd


 To develop our own product utilising our experiences from working with multiple other product companies and implementing our own strategies to design-develop-market and sell to the customer.

  • Design a product we were passionate about - A competition water ski camera mount to be used as a essential training tool WAKEYE
  • Sell directly to the customer - No distributor or middle man
  • Sell the camera mount anywhere in the world
  • Be a ecommerce site only - no physical retailers
  • Use fast shipping door to door freight company - DHL Express
  • Receive feedback from the customer to continuously improve the product
  • Use top quality materials and manufacturing processes - carbon fibre and cnc processing
  • Have full control of quality - assembled in house for quality control
  • Incorporate some useful technology to go with the product - developed a IOS and Android app to automatically start and stop recording
  • Give plenty of options for the user


  • We have sold to over 40 countries in the world
  • Beat out the competition
  • Work with pro skiers to continually develop the product.


Client: Cabrinha Kites

Challenge: Assist with the development of Cabrinhas new Quickloop and Control systems.  The quickloop system is a safety device, which allows the user to de-power their kite in an emergency situation.  The existing system was complicated to reload, and it was desireable to minimise release loads.  In addition to the quickloop, improvements for untwisting kite lines, adjusting kite power, and improving flotation were implemented.

  • Simplify operation
  • Improve release loads
  • Incorporate additional features


  • Usability described as "rediculously simple" and is deemed the new industry benchmark
  • Unique pin design, maximises the available space to improve release loads
  • Product Released July 2014.  Check out the launch video here

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Client: Heyrex


Help Heyrex develop a smaller bowl for small animals (cats, small dogs etc...) with a new modern look and smaller valve and fitration system.

The TORUS™ design is comprised of a water storage area and a drinking well. The bulk of the pet’s water is stored and protected inside the hollow walls of TORUS™. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well.

  1. Stored water is contained inside the TORUS™ walls.
  2. Fresh water is drawn from the walls through the carbon filter.
  3. The filtered water flows out into the drinking well where it is kept at an optimum level.


  • Helped refine the design to a new modern look 
  • Unique smaller valve and filter system maximises the available space 
  • Product Released Nov 2015.  

Wishbone_Configurations_vertical.jpgClient: Wishbone Design Studio

Challenge: To assist with the realisation of Wishbones highly adjustable, recycled plastic balance bike.

  • Made from recycled plastic where possible
  • Must be adjustable over a huge range, but in small increments to suit children from age 1 to 6
  • Maintain the aesthetic of the handmade foam prototypes

Successes: We were able to recreate the organic, handmade prototypes as an engineering CAD model, enabling us to design the rotating height adjustment (Rotafix) mechanism.  We were able to predict material suitability and part performance using FEA, as well as providing high quality animations for marketing purposes.

See the results at http://www.wishbonedesign.com/#!/products/bike/recycled-edition/


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Bike.JPGClient: Personal Project


Design and build a full suspension mountain bike, using a high single pivot suspension platform, progressive geometry and a gearbox drivetrain.  The bike should prioritize downhill performance

  • Design suspension dynamics to prioritize descending performance
  • Ensure bike can also be ridden up hill
  • Incorporate chainline adjustment to fine tune dynamics
  • Reduce un-sprung mass
  • Prioritize a low and central centre of gravity
  • Suspension travel should be adjustable from 160mm to 180mm
  • Build in house, use traditional fabrication techniques (i.e. welded metal), rather than carbon fibre


  • Bike design complete
  • Prototype built
  • Testing and refinement in progress


Client: Aeronavics/Droidworx Ltd.

Challenge: Design a new range of Airframes with improved performance, usability and aesthetics.

  • Develop a modular, quick release system to separate Landing Gear, Booms, and Camera attachment system so aircraft can be easily packed down for transport or storage.
  • Improve camera isolation system
  • Develop a retractable landing gear option, so that cameras can be panned through 360 degrees, without visual obsturction
  • Strength and performance must not be compromised
  • Design plastic mould tooling, and facilitate tool build and comissioning.

Successes: Within 9 months, the targets were achieved and droidworx were able to release a complete new range of product, consisting of around 10 unique airframes & hundreds of new parts.

See the results at www.aeronavics.com


Client: Downing Innovations

Challenge: Develop a consumer device for burping a child

  • The product has to meet current infant regulations
  • It must be easy to use, one push button. .
  • Must be comfortable in the parents hands and against a childs neck or back

Successes: The worlds first electronic baby burping device. The project was taken from a intial simple sketch right throught to a manufactured product you can currently buy online (www.babyburpa.com)



Client: MonitorBM

Challenge: A plastic enclosure  to house electronic components that required:

  • A stylish look that didn’t look like a box
  • Simple assembly with no fasteners
  • 3 months from concept to first pre-production run

SuccessesThe combinations of uniquely styled design with simple assembly features took this design quickly to market and meet the customer’s tight timelines. Multiple concept drawings were narrowed down to one elegant design. Smart tooling inserts meant multiple USB connection options could be run in production.



Client: Jacking Systems Ltd

Challenge: Develop a customised steel structure to support formwork for elevator shaft construction on high rise development projects.

  • The unique JSL lifting system provides the Core Jumpform with the fastest continuous one stroke lift, saving the builder time and enabling faster completion of the floor to floor cycles.
  • The computer based smooth highly controlled lift assists in minimising adjustments need in plumbing the form work.
  • Off site pre-assembly of modular components ensures the fastest assembly once on site and providing the earliest commencement of actual wall production on site.

Successes: The worlds most advanced method for forming elevator wall shafts that outperforms other form work systems.



Client: Assa Abloy New Zealand

Challenge: Design a wedgeless venting window fastener which included:

  • Concealed fixing
  • Wedgeless Design
  • Made from  high quality pressure diecast components
  • 6mm, face fixing fastener
  • Quality interlock friction joint that meets tested and proven durability 
  • Opposing tongue allows for one smooth motion from closed to vented position

Successes: The Aria Venting Wedgeless Fastener is both unique and innovative. Created with opposing tongues, the fastener allows controlled ventilation especially in windy conditions. Its wedgeless and concealed fixing design was developed with the end user and thr fabricator in mind, as it enables easy installation, product operation and improves aesthetics.




Client: Tallon Marine

Challenge: Design and develop a flexiible accessory system for marine craft that left clean lines once removed. This required:

  • Easy and simple installtion for marine manufacturers
  • Utilise simple manufacturing processes including plastic injection molding
  • Design a unique connection system between the base and accessories

Successes: The final Tallon receiver design with its unique patented connecting system. Incorporates a number of different styles and applications for all marine craft and provide an abundance of options for the customer.




Client: Dux Industries

 Challenge: Design and develop a crimp tool that will provide a trouble free, watertight crimp everytime including:

  • A unique crimp pattern that allows for quick visual checking of crimped joints
  • Integrate a gauge tool into the handle
  • Enable the user to successfully complete a crimp with one hand while the other hand is free to hold the pipe

Successes: The Dux Magnum is a new compact crimping tool for use with 15mm and 20mm Dux Secura Gold Plumbing systems. Constructed of high tensile stainless steel held together with spun riveted laminations and a ergonomic rubberised ergonomic grip handle theDux Magnum is truly a smart "plumbers mate"



Client: Winchway Music

Challenge: Design a secure guitar grip to clamp to a mic stand and a horizontal shelf including:

  • A stylish looking guitar grip
  • To be able to tilt 180 degrees
  • a universal fit to hold all types of guitars
  • A titled angle so the guitar will "fall back" into the grip

Successes: A sleek looking guitar grip that can clamp onto a multitude of surfaces and stands. The soft neoprene arms ensure the neck of the guitar will stay in one place. The arms can rotate 360 degrees for multiangle positions of retainment.



Client: Private Entrepreneur

 Challenge: Design a suspension upright and spindle for a high performance vehicle. Details included

  • Through the help of finite analysis and bench marking the upright was able to be designed to maximum strength and minimal weight
  • Use FEA analysis to show the maximum deflection of the spindle
  • Establish the optimum position of the ball joints

Successes: Through 3D modelling and FEA analysis the design of the upright and spindle was maximised to optimum strength and weight before the manufacture of the development part proceeded. This eliminated the customary trial and error testing of different designs.