1. Concept Sketches

All you need is a clear idea and a vision to turn that idea into reality

Ideas can be communicated in many words, or just a few pictures. Sketches, or rudimentary models are often exchanged to communicate and refine ideas, and ensure that we understand your vision

At this stage, we can povide valuable input regarding the concept, considering the material and manufacturing requirements and limitations

2. 3D CAD Design

Designing your product in 3D enables us to design your product the most effective way.

We can simulate the movement of mechanisms, analyise strength, and generate animations and photo realistic renderings for your presentations

We are also able to use our in-house prototyping, as well as our trusted suppliers, to cost-effectively create accurate, fully functional prototypes. Prototypes can be made to saleable quality, and are suitable for testing, display or demonstration

3. Finished Product

Once the design is complete, we can facilitate the manufacturing of your product and help you bring your product to market

3DM Design has in depth knowledge of various manufacturing methods, so we can ensure that the product is easy to manufacture and assemble. We will also provide ongoing advice and support, should any manufacturing issues arise.

We have first-hand experience bringing our own products to market, and so can provide real-world advice as you go through this process yourself