The Design Process

You have a great idea for a new product that you need help with to get it to market.
Here is a brief breakdown of the design process thta we would undertake to assist you with your product.

Stage 1

Develop 2 or 3 initial 3D Concepts from your brief or sketches provided.

You may have only a simple sketch or a detailed breakdown of your product.
Developing 2 or 3 concepts in 3D CAD will ensure we understand the details of your concept  and understand exactly your product idea.

Stage 2

Detailed design of 1 concept to be ready for prototyping.

Choosing 1 of the above concepts and getting it ready for rapid prototyping. This may be 3D printed prototypes or CNC machined prototypes. Whichever is the best option.

Stage 3

Detailed design development of product from rapid prototype info gathered.

Taking all the learnings from the first prototype and implementing these improvements into the design is key in the development of the design. This would lead into a second rapid prototype.

Stage 4

Detailed design changes for tooling and/or manufacturing.

Getting those final details of the design right before it goes to mass production is key to hitting the ground running in taking your product to market